Welder at construction site

23 May: Data Standards on the Horizon for Construction

Construction industry professionals use a variety of software for project management, design, and financial and legal compliance. They also spend valuable time and money getting one set of applications and platforms to exchange data with another. What are the actual costs? According to Navigant Construction, the average total cost to…

Gwendolyn Brown, Aurora Solar content marketing analyst

16 Jan: Talking all-star content marketing with Gwendolyn Brown

Community building is an important part of the social mission at Hirsch Media. We share a common purpose with everyone who works in content marketing. Especially at renewable energy companies, water conservation companies—any other part of the sustainable business ecosystem. To develop the community of cleantech marketers, we set aside…


09 Jan: Must-read article of the week

Each week, we highlight an article that cleantech marketers ought to read. Also, we share a few words about why the article is worth your time. Read this New tax bill offers unexpected benefits to commercial solar installations           What it says The Tax Cuts and…