Who We Are

Content Marketers Who Know CleanTech

We have decades of experience in marketing and content production in both the cleantech and the technology industries. We know that it all starts with the story, so we work hard to understand you and your company, and to build strategic, integrated solutions that build over time while elegantly moving your customers down the engagement funnel.

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Matthew Hirsch

Matthew is a clean energy industry expert and content marketer who founded Hirsch Media in 2013. He has produced cutting-edge content with Enphase Energy, Greensmith Energy, EPRI, CertainTeed Solar, BayWa r.e., PVComplete, Pick My Solar, and other industry leaders. His writing and commentary have appeared in Bloomberg News, New Hampshire Public Radio, Solar Pro, and Photon.

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Michael Penwarden
VP, Business Development

Michael is a serial technology and clean technology media entrepreneur.  He was founder and CEO of Matter Network, which was the largest provider of green business news to Reuters.com.  Prior to that, he was Editor of Macworld Magazine, which was recognized as the “Best Technology Magazine” during his tenure. Michael joined Hirsch Media in 2016.

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