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Landing Pages & Microsites

For those of us who are not digital natives, the ability to track and analyze metrics like click-through rates and time on page has changed the creative process. It’s more important than ever to concentrate on desired outcomes before sitting down to assemble words and images on the page. Calls to action are not limited to buttons that lead to those familiar fillable forms. Each one should play a part in comfortably leading people through the customer journey from discovery and consideration to conversion and retention.

It’s more important than ever to concentrate on desired outcomes.

There is no one-size-fits-all template for creating digital content. We start with a clear understanding of the solutions that our clients are bringing to market. Then we consider the information consumers need as they evaluate their options, and we present the information clearly.

Our Approach

Start with copywriting and then move to design, if you can. As Hubspot has shown through A/B testing, the right messaging can overcome poor design.