Social Media

Social Media

As big consumer brands throw their weight around social media, it’s reasonable to question what your company can accomplish in such a crowded and noisy venue. There’s no value in broadcasting messages to a mass of unknown followers. But if you build personas around the essential segments of your audience–customers, vendors, investors, and more–and engage them with relevant information, even a modest social media following can powerfully reinforce business goals.

Build personas around essential audience segments. Engage them with relevant information. Powerfully reinforce business goals.

Social media, at its core, is about strategic engagement. Our most effective clients build social media strategies around clear business objectives, such as driving customer advocacy, recruiting and retaining talent, and reinforcing brand consistency.

Our Approach

The Moz guide to social media best practices has simple yet effective advice on building an online reputation for your brand. Some of the pointers that resonate: ‘Show up.’ ‘Be human.’ ‘Add value.’

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